You are welcome
in our places

You are welcome
in our places

There is a great choice of chilled, frozen, smoked, salted fish and seafood, also we have caviar and red fish eggs. Another service we offer: buy any chilled or frozen fish available on display, and we will cook it for you.
Chilled fish
We work with the biggest fish suppliers. We buy chilled trout, sturgeon, sea bass, sea bream, meagre at the biggest aquaculture farms in Russia, Armenia, Turkey. Our well thought-out logistics allows fish delivery to Moremania as quickly as possible. For example, sea bass and sea bream arrive to Russia on the third day after it is drawn out of the Aegean Sea (Turkey).
We control the whole supply process from fishing to the fish arrival in Moremania's kitchen.

Frozen fish and seafood
We purchase fish caught both in Russian waters and all over the world. Our suppliers get fish in the Far East, South and North America, Europe (Faroe Islands, Denmark), Southeast Asia.
We prefer to work with fishermen, who can perform shock freezing directly onboard the vessel. It helps to preserve all quality properties of fish and seafood.

Smoked fish
There is a great choice of hot and cold smoked mackerels, red salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream, meagre and etc. We smoke the fish at our own facility, located in Krasnaya Pakhra village in Moscow region (close to our first Moremania).
Salty fish
In Moremania you will find the most popular fish – herring and mackerel. And we have both Atlantic herring, and Olyutorsky, caught in the Pacific Ocean in the Far East. Other "salty delights" include slightly salted salmon and trout, favorite delicacies of our customers.

Black and red caviar is the real wealth of our country. In Moremania, there is always a large selection of Far Eastern and Karelian red caviar of pink salmon, trout, coho salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon. You can always try caviar, compare and choose the one you like the most. We only sell legal black caviar from selected Russian and Chinese producers. Just try it – you will love it.

Do you want to have a reputation of a great chef? Come to us for pickled delicacies. We marinate fish and seafood every morning. In our shop you will find marinated shrimps, sea bass, sea bream. Put it into the oven for 15-20 minutes, and your delicious dish is ready. We also have stuffing of white fish and a very tasty forcemeat of Argentinian shrimp and squid.

We'll cook your fish for 100 rubles only, and for 150 rubles we will do it using fragrant oil, herbs, lemon and garlic sauce.
We'll cook your fish for 100 rubles only. We do it with fragrant oil, herbs, lemon and garlic sauce for 150 rubles.
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