You may wonder, what does this even mean? It is very simple. You can study geography on fish delicacies from Moremania. We will be happy to tell you about countries and oceans through fish and seafoods.
Vietnam, the South China sea
Tuna has an unusual taste, which has made it very popular in restaurants around the world. Tuna is also a very large fish, it may reach 3 meters in length and weigh up to 500 kg. We source tuna from Vietnam. In recent years, tuna has become the main wild-caught fish in the South China Sea.
In Moremania, our chefs will gladly prepare tuna tartare, nicoise salad with tuna, or fried slices of tuna with vegetable salad and teriyaki sauce.
Indonesia, Indian and Pacific oceans
Moremania sources wild octopus from Indonesia. Local fishermen use small vessels to catch octopuses on the border of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Octopus is a predator – they eat shellfish, crustaceans, fish and plankton. They live at the bottom of the ocean, up to 200 meters deep. In Moremania, you can try fried octopus rings with potatoes chips.

Russia, Barents sea
The most popular fish dish in the world - Fish and Chips - is pieces of white fish fried in light batter, traditionally served with potatoes. We use only chilled cod, caught in the Barents Sea by Murmansk fishermen.

Within the shortest time, we deliver cod to Moremania kitchen, where our cooks make our hit dish from it.

Faroe Islands, Atlantic Ocean
We buy Atlantic salmon from the company Hiddenfjord, located in the Faroe Islands. The population of the islands is slightly more than 50 thousand people, but they manage to catch and farm a large number of different fish in the Atlantic Ocean and deliver it to many countries of the European Union and Russia.

Our chefs use chilled salmon to make a variety of delicious dishes: pancakes with salmon, spaghetti and fettuccine, big burgers of Moremania, etc. You can also choose a chilled salmon steak on shop display, and we will grill it for you.
Sea Bream
Turkey, the Aegean Sea
Moremania sources sea bream from the largest aquaculture farm in Turkey "Kilich Holding." The fish is grown in deep-sea cages in the Aegean Sea.

Three days after the fish is caught, it gets to Moscow. Our chefs cook sea bream on the grill.

Thailand, the Gulf of Thailand
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, on the peninsulas of Indochina and Malacca, it is washed by the Andaman Sea on the west, and the Siamese Gulf of the South China Sea on the east. In the warm seas washing Thailand, fishermen produce a lot of seafood, and in the first place, shrimp.

Not surprisingly, the most popular dish of Thai cuisine – Tom Yam – is made from fish and seafood. The soup is spicy, so it is served with rice. And that is exactly how we serve Tom Yam in Moremania.

Giant prawns Langustino
Argentina, the Atlantic Ocean
Wild giant Langustino prawns are caught at 200-1200 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean bays near the coast of Argentina. The color of these prawns is orange or red.

Langustino meat is amazingly delicious, tender and very juicy.

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